Globalisation and it’s benefits

Globalisation is the forces of each nation throughout the world, joining together to create one major supply chain. This is apparent in almost every aspect of today’s world. Politics, sport, music and finances are all a major part of what we call globalisation.

Technological advances have helped fast forward globalisation, by revolutionising the trade market. By an update in technology, trade is able to be undertaken in a quicker amount of time, through online payments, instead of payment via cash, as well as the use of aeroplanes instead of boats, to get the product/good from country to country.

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The increase of globalisation, means that the amount which fellow countries depend on one another for trade, military and political purposes have increased dramatically. Globalisation is explained by O’Shaughnessy, as” is characterised by a worldwide increase in interdependence, interactivity, interconnectedness, and the virtually instantaneous exchange of information.” (O’Shaughnessy, 2012).

Due to Globalisation, a major swift in each nation’s culture has begun to happen. This happens through music, sport and as well as food. Some major examples of this trend is the increase in different types of cuisine which is available on demand throughout the world. A city anywhere in the world has all different cultures foods to taste, such as Asian, American or even European. An increase in coverage of all the major sporting world cups, such as Rugby Union, cricket etc. This is able to allow for people who may not be able to afford to visit other countries and watch the sport live, to be still able to view the fixtures regardless.

Globalisation is an undeniable benefit for the world, which is only going to increase over time.


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