International students, and their barriers.

Due to the continuing modernisation of the world, it is much more common for students to look outside of the box, and want to travel and study abroad.

Along with all the excitement of visiting a brand new country, comes the stress and fear. International students face a number of barriers in regards to studying abroad, which can make their experience somewhat chaotic. The barriers which international students face are often involved with the differences between the countries on a sociological level, such as language differences, and cultural clashes Things that are normal in the local country aren’t normal in the international students home country, e.g. Australia has a major tendency to party and consume much more alcohol compared to Asian nations. These two barriers are able to affect the assimilation between the two different cultures, as the international students are well out of their comfort zones, and therefor find it difficult to converse with local students.


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This also is able to affect the way which the local students look upon the international students, and affects the chances of which they have of becoming friends, “most international students want closer interaction with local students, and are prepared to take risks to achieve this. … most local students are not interested” (Marginson 2012: 1).

The barriers which International students face is quite easily fixed. This is able to be done through the recruitment of international students being much more selective, where the students are assessed much more discriminative in regards to their ability to speak the local Universities language, and characteristics of the student which will increase the students ability to assimilate.


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