The changing audience

All over the world, the medias audience is slowly changing from producer to consumer. This is mainly to do with the changing in media platforms, from Television, radio and newspaper to the internet. The internet has managed to overtake the older styles, in becoming the main source of information for the modern day person.


This allows for citizen journalists to now entertain their own audiences without the pay packet. It is all about the audience and the likes they receive for the work they put together. For example, every sports fan has an opinion of there favourite sporting code. In the modern day, these opinions can now be expressed online to an audience, instead of staying stuck in their head, or living room walls.

With the change, this means it is easier for non-professional journalists to outdo the big dogs of the journalism industry. Therefor it is extremely necessary for paid journalists to be first on the story, in order to guarantee they don’t lose to the little guy with a smart phone.


Gadgets – Why can’t we just get along?

Bad luck brian

The vast majority of phone users either have an Android, or an Apple product. The rivalry between the two has raged on for the best of the previous decade, with no clear winner in sight. It seems each time either company brings out a new product, the competitor brings out a similar version.

Each individual has their preferences, although each product has its advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other. This is due to the fact, they are virtually the same product, with slight modifications, where the alterations are either better, or worse.

So why the war?
It’s the same reason with any sport, or other type of product. Nobody is willing to accept that the product which they own, or the team they follow isn’t the best in the business. Since accepting that Apple or Android are similar in standard isn’t an option, the consumer joins in with the marketing campaign of each company and argues the benefits of the product in comparison to the other.
So, why can’t we all just get along?

Copyright laws

In some way, shape or form, the majority of people have been affected by copyright. Whether through not being able to post a video with a certain song in the background, or thinking of a remarkable idea, only to realise that it has already been created previously.

Some believe copyright has gone too far, and it has begun to affect the way people are fulfilling our desire to learn and create. For example, it doesn’t allow for a young artist to cover a song of his favourite band, on the basis that he could potentially be stealing the audience from the original creator. On this basis, the copyright laws are frustrating as they affect a harmless hobby from accessing vision online.

Despite this, and the majority of internet users being innocent and unsuspecting towards the copyright laws, there would always be people who would exploit the work of others and their work. This is why the laws of copyright are necessary in my opinion, and clearly in the eyes of the government too.

what if i told you

Media Anxieties

Audiences have long been influenced by the media and its actions. All types of audiences; whether visible or not, follow the ideas and stories set about by those in charge in the media. This then develops what we call ‘anxieties in media’. Although, it is time for the audience to start to control what they’re wanting to hear about, and take ownership of the way the media influences themselves.

The media can’t necessarily control what each individual person from the audience is to think, but the media is able to control what the audience thinks about. For example, people are dying in Syria due to war, which should be a major headline and talking point throughout the media, although the main topics spoken and heard about are of topics with less importance, which should perhaps be further back in the pecking order in terms of status, i.e. the Mitchell Pearce saga dominated headlines for a number of weeks, when in reality it isn’t a major issue. Perhaps it is up to the audience to begin to filter what they want to know/hear about.


Mitchell Pearce






Along with the topics that the media more or less choose to dominate the thought space of the audience, comes the way in which the audience perceives the information. The way which a person distinguishes the information given, is what forms opinions, which are either of Utopian, or Dystopian perception, which puts the ownership back on the audience, as to whether they want to use the media and internet to do good, or bad. Social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy for anxieties to be expressed for all to see, and in return pass the anxieties on to others. i.e. perhaps the audience is to blame for the anxieties caused, rather than the media.

For example, the belief that certain areas of the media influence children poorly and aren’t necessarily appropriate, because they are too gruesome or too explicit, cause the parents to control what their children view/read.
Should this be a similar case for the way audiences view the media? – I believe so. Since the media feed the stories which will get attention, the audience needs to give ownership to the stories which they divide their attention towards, and to stray away from the topics which don’t necessarily satisfy their desires.

Medium Is The Message!

Although Marshall McLuhan was not able to experience the modern day technologies, his theory that the medium is the message still applies to the current day.

The medium is most definitely the message. The idea that everything we use, is an extension of us, has well and truly been around for many years. For example, it even applied to the caveman, for he used a rock, to kill the cow.
Not only has it been around for years, but the theory will be forever existing. This is because even in todays society, it could not be more true. The simple fact that I’m typing this message to you, proves that indeed the objects we use, are extensions of ourselves, and that in fact ‘THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE’.

joker mem


Why journalism/ media and communications?

From what started out as a desire to be able to attend rugby league matches for free as a 10 year old, soon developed into a passion.

At the age of 10 I found out from my father, that journalists were able to attend NRL matches for free, and this sparked a ‘light bulb’ in my mind – become a journalist, so as I can watch more NRL live.

It quickly then become my dream job, and something I then began striving towards through high school. I was going well in my English class, which was able to develop my writing and literacy skills, as well as help grow the desire to become a journalist.

Skip to year 12 high school. It was now time to begin thinking about what university courses to apply for.With the realisation that the profession of journalism is a changing art form, I decided to, along with journalism, apply for a media and communications degree. To further enhance my abilities and understanding of the media.

Fortunately, I was able to be successful in being accepted through early admission to the Bachelor of Journalism/ Bachelor of Media and Communications at the university of Wollongong.

So from here on, I strive to continue to study, and better myself from here on at the university of Wollongong.

Making the move…

On the 14th of February I made the move from Cooma, my hometown to live at campus east in Fairy Meadow, Wollongong. Along with the big step, I had to juggle to the responsibility of starting a new job at the Corrimal RSL, whilst trying to make new friends. 

O-week was able to help with meeting people and making friends. It was a massive blur that come and went in a hurry, due to the nights out, and activities that were planned out for myself and the rest of the first year students. 

With the week long hangover still hanging over me, I had to finally begin my adventure at university. It started at 8:30 on the first day of the semester.

One problem… I slept through my alarm!!!! This caused me to miss my entire first day at university. Good start. 

Since this point, I have attended my first week and a half of university, I have been working 3 or more shifts a week at the club, and have joined the West Red-Devils rugby league club. It’s a full on schedule, which has proved to keep me on my toes to this point. 

So for the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy my course, hobbies and work and soak up the lifestyle uni has given…