Undercover Journalists


Within today’s society, lies the age of ‘undercover journalists’ or more commonly known as – ‘citizen journalists’. With gadgets now overtaking newspapers, radios and Televisions as the most common way of accessing the news and events, it means societies “average Joe” is now able to publish their own articles to be seen world wide. To put it simply, a ‘citizen journalist’ is a person which places their opinion on social media outlets to scrutinise and reflect upon current news and events around the world without being paid to do so.

Blogging websites such as ‘reddit’, ‘Wordpress’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ are the source of how this process begins. On these websites, status’ or blog posts are uploaded which are then advertised with the infamous “hashtag” which is able to circulate the post throughout the media outlets and create publicity for the online blog. For example, If a person was to post about the overnight NRL match, they would post their opinion followed with #Nrl.

The empowerment of the undercover journalist is able to stop the influence of the major media outlets on society.


One thought on “Undercover Journalists

  1. Hi Luke, I really liked how you showed how we are now moving away from television and radio and towards social media as our source of news. I would’ve loved to hear more about how you think citizens/undercover journalists have the ability to stop the influences of mainstream media. Because while I think that can be true for a lot of the younger generation, the older generation still relies on analog forms of media to get their news and might not take to the whole social media thing.


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