Nollywood is the national film industry from Nigeria, which is beginning to rise out of just Nigeria and spread its wings.


Nollywood is quite an unfamiliar term for Australians, although majority would quickly be able to work out that Nollywood is some sort of film industry, due to the section of the name involving ‘ollywood’. This is due to the extremely famous USA film industry, which is named Hollywood, after the are of the USA which it is situated in. Hollywood is the main area for which movies that come to Australian shores originated from. This causing the vast majority of Australians to only watch movies from the USA, with the exception of the odd film from elsewhere. All of the most famous actors within Australia, are actors which originate from the USA, although a number do originate from Europe.

Nollywood is an extremely unique cinema experience, in which the budget for the film is quite low and is almost non-existent. The film quality is quite low, and the acting is simply not what we come to expect of movies, as we have become used to the high budget USA movies, which are quite a stark contrast to the Nollywood style of film making. Nollywood’s distinctive style is extended to the outlook they have on other nations, in which they have almost no care at all as to whether others outside of Nollywood enjoy their films.  Jane Bryce states “the industry cares for any attention from the outside. In fact, one of the characteristics that marks Nollywood as an autonomous local cinematic expression is that it looks inward and not outward” (Onookome Okome, 2007).


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