Copyright laws

In some way, shape or form, the majority of people have been affected by copyright. Whether through not being able to post a video with a certain song in the background, or thinking of a remarkable idea, only to realise that it has already been created previously.

Some believe copyright has gone too far, and it has begun to affect the way people are fulfilling our desire to learn and create. For example, it doesn’t allow for a young artist to cover a song of his favourite band, on the basis that he could potentially be stealing the audience from the original creator. On this basis, the copyright laws are frustrating as they affect a harmless hobby from accessing vision online.

Despite this, and the majority of internet users being innocent and unsuspecting towards the copyright laws, there would always be people who would exploit the work of others and their work. This is why the laws of copyright are necessary in my opinion, and clearly in the eyes of the government too.

what if i told you


2 thoughts on “Copyright laws

  1. Luke! Great Post! Where do you think the line should be drawn? Like, yeah the copyright laws protect our hard work from being abused but where is the point as which it goes to far.? Have you heard of the incident where a video was taken down due to the music on the radio in the back ground? haha Another great meme!

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