Ripping, mixing and burning

Like everything else in the modern day world, creating a remix, or covering a song has become profoundly easier. Me personally, some of my favourite songs are covers/remixes from the YouTube and radio channel ‘triple J’.

A remix can range from a redo of a movie, to a singer redoing another artist’s song. The vast majority belong to the category of music. This can be also done for a comical purpose. With the outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, remixes for a comical purpose seem to have a constant roll over of new styles and even better forms of remixing.

As stated in my previous blog, the film industry is generally involves money, and it is no different if a movie is remixed into another. It means that the original has somewhat been successful, therefor to generate new versions. This also works in the music industry. Singers will only want to redo a successful song, in order to enhance their chances of a quality product.


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