Media convergence – a more user friendly process

The convergence of media, is the process of all media outlets, such as Television, Radio and newspaper coming together to allow for a much more user friendly way in which to access and use the media. The term ‘Media convergence’ is an idea which was used in my most recent blog on ownership of the media. This is the process of consumers slowly becoming producers. The idea that the audience is merely the puppet of the media is no longer, this is due to the convergence of the media.

Due to the introduction of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. the media has become readily available to audiences with the click of a button on our modern smart phones, tablets or laptops. The more advanced technology of the modern age, in every aspect of our lives is able to create a more user friendly situation for the entire audience. Just like the remote control made it easier for humans to change the TV channel, by allowing a channel change without having to exit the couch, the convergence of the media allows the audience to gain access to the areas of the media which they seek, without having to wait for the news program to reach that section of the story.

mobile phones

The converging of media onto a newer, more up to date platform, doesn’t mean that the older form is now obsolete. It just simply creates more of a choice to the consumer. For example, modern technology allows for the audience to watch the NRL (National Rugby League competition) on their mobile phone device, while at the park alone. Although I would preferably sit in the crowd and watch the game surrounded by thousands.
Although, another positive with the convergence of the media, is that just because I choose to go watch the game live at the stadium, I am able to re-watch the game on my phone in the park.

stadium australia

This is a good thing for all involved, as more choice is able to create a larger mean for competition, and this often means higher quality for us – the audience Despite some beliefs about their intentions, the main media outlets goal is for the audience to receive their information in the best possible way.


2 thoughts on “Media convergence – a more user friendly process

  1. Hey Luke! Great Post! We are all aware that Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are way more accessible via the click of a button through our smart phones and laptops. But Luke, do you think that this is beneficial or does it do more damage then good? And you said, that its made everything easier… again, is that doing more bad then good? I agree with making more choices rather than cancel but i think that eventually their will on. All round good post and you have some strong points! I look forward to reading your next posts!
    – Liam


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