From consumer to producer

The media is an extremely broad platform, which is designed to inform, scrutinise and entertain. The ownership of the media is often linked to what is spoken about throughout the news headlines. Prior to the days of Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets, this was even more so the case.

rupert murdoch

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Prior to the existence of social media, the media was controlled in such a way, that across all media platforms such as newspaper, Television and radio, the consumer only hears what the owner wanted the consumer to hear.
Across the three main areas of the media, Rupert Murdoch owns approximately two thirds of the media outlets throughout Australia. Murdoch’s ownership has been able to affect the content of what is written in the Daily Telegraph. Throughout the 2013 race for prime minister, it became quite obvious to the onlooker how the Rupert Murdoch owned ‘Daily Telegraph’s’ view was biased towards the Liberal party. 293 political stories were posted leading up to the election, and out of that, only 6 were not for pro Liberal party. This then lead to the Liberal parties Tony Abbot being elected into Prime Minister, without any prior popularity for the top job.

tony abbot
Source – Jeannette McMahon – ABC Newcastle

Currently, the new age of media is slowly beginning to take over from the old. That being, social media is now the main source of news within the younger generations. In which, it is controllable to seek the news which you want to hear. With the click of a button, you are quickly able to find the news which you want to hear, and the news you don’t. It is as simple as that. With the change to the new style of media, this means that the average person is able to produce the news which they want, instead of consuming the news which is fed to them. I.e. the consumer, is becoming the producer.

Who owns the media outlets doesn’t necessarily matter to the current generation, although to the generations, or people who don’t use social media to access their news, it does.
This problem will soon be obsolete, and in a couple of decades the media audience will be able to read information which isn’t of a biased opinion.


‘Tony Abbott’s Debt to Rupert Murdoch’ Posted on 18/09/2013 by John Menadue


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