Are you seeing images how you’re supposed too?

The way which an image is perceived is entirely up to the audience. Although does a photographer want the viewer to see many possible ideas from an image, or just one?
Each image has one direct meaning, although the way which an observer distinguishes the meaning of the photo is what helps a photograph gain attention around the world.

signifier and signifed.135448109863
Source – Brain Tacos WordPress

There is always two sections to an image; the signifier and the signified.
These two areas of an image, is what provokes the thought process in the human mind when a photograph is viewed. The signifier is the image, or word seen, that gives something meaning. While the signified is the way in which the individual members of the audience are able to perceive the image.

Source – Ads of the world, photographer – WWF

The image above, is an image which has been circulating the internet for an extended period of time now. I first came across this image on Facebook, along with many other photos of animals. This was the photograph which initially grabbed my interest, in comparison to the others. The image was able to do this, because of my massive obsession with Elephants. At first, it appears that the image was just artwork to express the beauty of the Elephant, due to the use of imagery of the light beaming down on the elephant, as well as it being the only object in the image.

It wasn’t until I looked at the picture for an extended time, that I started to realise that this was an image for a WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) campaign. The strikingly amazing use of visual imagery, to depict an Elephant which is crumbling, from back to front was able to trigger my thought process.
The Elephant is able to represent the quick rate of extinction of animals, and that this is the effect of hunting, and the loss of habitat throughout the wild. The advertising campaign is aimed at attacking those who don’t believe that this is a current issue within the world, as well as politicians and media outlets who can help make a change. The desired response is for the end of animal poaching, and habitat destruction of animals throughout the world.


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