The changing audience

All over the world, the medias audience is slowly changing from producer to consumer. This is mainly to do with the changing in media platforms, from Television, radio and newspaper to the internet. The internet has managed to overtake the older styles, in becoming the main source of information for the modern day person.


This allows for citizen journalists to now entertain their own audiences without the pay packet. It is all about the audience and the likes they receive for the work they put together. For example, every sports fan has an opinion of there favourite sporting code. In the modern day, these opinions can now be expressed online to an audience, instead of staying stuck in their head, or living room walls.

With the change, this means it is easier for non-professional journalists to outdo the big dogs of the journalism industry. Therefor it is extremely necessary for paid journalists to be first on the story, in order to guarantee they don’t lose to the little guy with a smart phone.


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