Medium Is The Message!

Although Marshall McLuhan was not able to experience the modern day technologies, his theory that the medium is the message still applies to the current day.

The medium is most definitely the message. The idea that everything we use, is an extension of us, has well and truly been around for many years. For example, it even applied to the caveman, for he used a rock, to kill the cow.
Not only has it been around for years, but the theory will be forever existing. This is because even in todays society, it could not be more true. The simple fact that I’m typing this message to you, proves that indeed the objects we use, are extensions of ourselves, and that in fact ‘THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE’.

joker mem



One thought on “Medium Is The Message!

  1. Not at all bad points to raise but a little more sauce on the burger wouldn’t go astray. It seems like you were getting to the tip of a point then just stopped. I guess it’s good though because I read something that made me think more.

    When you mentioned the cavemen using rocks as a medium, I didn’t really get the point, but then it sparked a thought of the old cave drawings that people discovered. It’s almost as if the message of the drawings themselves aren’t that important nowadays, but the medium itself, is indeed the real message. Similar to the artists of today, cavemen used these mediums to tell a story, but the drawings they made became the real message as these drawings were just a physical extension of their ideas.



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