Why journalism/ media and communications?

From what started out as a desire to be able to attend rugby league matches for free as a 10 year old, soon developed into a passion.

At the age of 10 I found out from my father, that journalists were able to attend NRL matches for free, and this sparked a ‘light bulb’ in my mind – become a journalist, so as I can watch more NRL live.

It quickly then become my dream job, and something I then began striving towards through high school. I was going well in my English class, which was able to develop my writing and literacy skills, as well as help grow the desire to become a journalist.

Skip to year 12 high school. It was now time to begin thinking about what university courses to apply for.With the realisation that the profession of journalism is a changing art form, I decided to, along with journalism, apply for a media and communications degree. To further enhance my abilities and understanding of the media.

Fortunately, I was able to be successful in being accepted through early admission to the Bachelor of Journalism/ Bachelor of Media and Communications at the university of Wollongong.

So from here on, I strive to continue to study, and better myself from here on at the university of Wollongong.


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